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Yom Kippur (5760)

Yom Kippur

Here in secular Israel it's called by the kids "Bicycle Day" (Chag Ha Ofanaiyim)because all the streets are EMPTY!! Noone drives!!! Even the most anti-religious Jew finds some excuse not to turn that key in the ignition. And I'll tell you why I think it happens.
Now, it doesn't happen because they're afraid of burning in Hell, bec. they dont believe in it even on Yom Kippur, And they dont do it bec. they want a reward in the hereafter, they dont believe in anything like that either . And they don't have any Rabbi that they're ashamed of or religious friends or business contacts that they want to pretend for. They aren't trying to set an example for their children because we are talking about people who are afraid and even disgusted (yes disgusted) with even the thought that they or their offspring become(eech) DOSIM (religious looking) .
So why doesn't anyone drive on Yom Kippur? And a recent survey revealed that approx 70% non-religious fast as well!!!

I think it's because they FEEL that on Yom Kippur G-d is forgiving them, that G-d REALLY loves every Jew.

Yom Kippur is translated as Day of Atonment, but really that's not the literal translation nor is it really accurate, Yom Kippur is the Day of Forgivness, "Kappora" means Forgiveness. Like it says in the Talmud "Etzumo shel yom mchaper" The very day of Yom Kippur itself brings forgivness. What happened in the days of the Mikdash (Holy Temple)? The High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies, the room where it was impossible to enter without being negated in the essence of G-d's creative power. From this room was channeled the G-dly energy to create all existance, the entire creation both spiritual as well as physical, constantly 'ex-nhilo' (that's why the destruction was such a tragedy, now it is very unclear that The G-d of Isreal is the Creator).

And what was in that room? The Torah that Moshe received on Mount Sinai along with the intense revelation that accompanied it when the Torah was given.

In other words, on Yom Kippur the highest of the Jewish people(Kohen Godel) enters the highest 'spirtual' place in the world (Kodesh HaKedoshim) to be with the highest level of the Torah and the Highest level of G-d; G-d, the Torah, and the Jewish people are revealed to be one and the same.
Now this whole business is really above the creation, even the spiritual creation and therefore certainly above time! In other words it happens ALL THE TIME......

But is revealed EVERY YOM KIPPUR!!!!

That's what Jews feel on Yom Kippur that nullifies them, it's all above time, like a baby in the bosom of it's father. 'The past is gone, the future is eternal. Every Jew suddenly comes back to his true Jewish Identity deep inside his soul. Everything is pure and clean like the holy of holies.

And that is called FORGIVNESS.

So it's hard, on that day when you FEEL so together with something so good and clean like your father The King of the Universe, to 'spit in His face' by driving or even eating, even if the rest of the year you feel nothing and do what you want.

And that is precisely the feeling that the Moshiach will bring to all mankind by first bringing the Jews back to the constant truth; that G-d loves and forgives constantly every Jew and that He gave us the Torah and the Commandments to bring this love and forgivness to all creation.

This is called TSHUVA.

Through tshuva the third temple will be built, we will be able to feel, as never before, the complete unity of Gd the Jews and the Torah . We want Moshiach NOW!!

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