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Parshat Noach

5760 This week we study the Torah portion of Noach. Noach was a truly strange individual. While everyone else in his generation was doing what ever they could get away with and generally having a good time, Noach was busy doing his thing and serving the Creator. Because of his righteousness Noach survived the flood and merited to establish a new world, complete with G-d's eternal promise that He would not bring another such catastrophe on mankind.
5761 This week’s section tells us of the most awesome and tragic example of Divine retribution of all time. G-d actually annihilated everyone in the entire world because they got so carried away having a good time that they transgressed several of the Noahide commandments [at that time there were only six no murder, no stealing, no idolatry, no incest, no blasphemy and no injustice, the seventh; not eating from a living animal, was added in this weeks section].
5762 The Torah is a book of lessons. In fact the word "Torah" means "teaching", but this week's Torah story about the flood seems to pose a big question:

The obvious lesson that the Torah is teaching us here, is that G-d rewards whoever fulfills, and punishes whoever disregards His commandments (613 for the Jews and seven for the rest of the world).

5763 This week we read the strange story of the flood.

The Torah tells us that after the flood G-d put a rainbow in the sky as a sign that He would never destroy the world's population again.

At first glance this is not understood.

5764 Our section begins by telling us that Noach was a totally righteous and holy man in his generation. 'Tzadik Tamim b'dorotov'
5765 This week we read of a very strange story: about 4,000 years ago almost everyone in the world was sinning so G-d destroyed them with a flood.
5766 This week's section is probably the strangest story ever told. The entire human, animal and bird population of the world (save a few that got into the ark) got drowned by the Creator of the universe! Because they got Him angry!
5767 This week we read about how G-d brought a disastrous world-flood to destroy mankind-gone-wrong and how Noach; the only man with the integrity to follow G-d and withstand the wanton 'spirit of the times', began mankind anew. But strangely, Noach, as righteous as he was, is not reckoned as being the first Jew.
5768 This week we learn the strange story of how G-d destroyed the world with a flood just because His creations disappointed Him. Although this may seem to be a bit severe, with a bit of thought we can see that it really is very understandable.
5769 This week we learn about the flood that destroyed almost the entire world some 4,000 years ago. According to some opinions this flood was more than just a punishment, it was the means G-d used to alter and purify human consciousness and make a 'new world' where people wanted only to live the truth.
5770 This week's Torah portion tells the story of a man in a box that saved the world. G-d made a flood to destroy all the creations because they perverted their 'ways' but put Noach and family in a floating Ark-box for about a year to raise them above the flood and eventually re-start the world.
5771 The Torah is a book of lessons in life. In fact the word "Torah" means "teaching"; every story, idea, word and even letter contains hidden treasures of practical meaning. But it's not easy to figure out what exactly this week's story about the flood is teaching us when it tells us that G-d drowned all the animals together with the world's population (7:21).
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