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Parshat Vayeira

5760 This week let us try to understand the 'Akaida (tying up) of Yitzchak', which could possibly be the most important, and yet the strangest single occurrence in the entire Torah.
5761 This week’s Torah section has three examples of fulfilling the very important commandment of "Hachnasat Orchim" taking in guests.
5762 This week's torah portion tells the strange and sordid story of Lot and his two daughters, how they escaped their wicked hometown Sodom and finally begot two illegitimate sons; Amon and Moav. The Torah is not a history book. The word Torah means "teaching", and every word and idea has a purpose. What then, is the purpose of this story? What is it coming to tell us? And what connection does it have to this week's section?
5763 This week we read of how Abraham, the father of Judaism, argued with G-d in a futile attempt to save the evil Sodom and Amora from heavenly retribution.
5764 This week's section begins with G-d appearing (YaYera) to Abraham after he had circumcised himself. When the fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch, Rabbi Shalom Dov-Ber (Nicknamed the Rebbe 'ReShaB') was some four years he old came home crying and asked his grandfather (who was the Lubavitch Rebbe at that time). "Why did G-d appear to Abraham and He doesn't appear to me?"
5765 This week we read the soul-shaking story of 'The Akaida'; literally 'the Binding'; how Abraham the forefather of Judaism almost killed his own son as a sacrifice to G-d.
5766 This week we continue to live with Abraham, the father of Judaism. in an action-packed portion. One of the most bizarre episodes here is how G-d annihilates an evil cluster of cities called "Sadom and Amora" through an Angel. But equally as strange; before sending the Angel He says to Himself....
5767 This week's Torah portion opens three days after Abraham circumcised himself at the age of 99 and G-d Himself appears (VaYeira) to him to comfort him.
5768 This week's portion begins with three angels coming to visit Abraham as he is recovering from his painful circumcision at the age of ninety nine (!). The reason there were three is that one came to heal him and to save his nephew Lot from Sodom, the second came to inform his wife Sarah that she would give birth to a son (Yitzchak) and the third came to destroy Sodom and the evil cities surrounding it.
5769 This week we read the long and rather complicated episode of Abraham bargaining and trying to convince G-d not to eradicate the inhabitants of an evil five city complex called Sodom and Amora.
5770 This week's Torah portion ends with the story of the Akaida ('tying up') of Yitzchak by his father Avraham. Surprisingly this weird story of attempted murder instigated by 'a heavenly voice' is the basis of Judaism!
5771 This week's Torah portion begins with Abraham, the founder of the Jewish religion, sitting in the entrance of his tent waiting for guests. Abraham was definitely not a normal person and here is a prime example. At the time of this scene he was ninety nine years old, had just circumcised himself and was sitting in blistering hot, desert weather!
5772 This week's Torah portion begins with G-d personally appearing to Abraham, continues with his unsuccessful pleas to save Sodom and Amora (a.k.a.Gemorra) and ends with him almost sacrificing his son Isaac.
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