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Parshat Vayeitzei

5760 One day a well-dressed Jewish businessman, Mr. Goldberg, walks into a bank and asks to speak to the manager. He is directed to the manager’s office enters, takes a seat, shakes the managers hand, introduces himself and asks, “Please tell me how much interest will I have to pay on a loan of 5,000 for two weeks?”
5761 This week’s section speaks in detail of the births of the children of Yaakov, after whom would be named the future tribes of Israel. Strangely, at each birth the Torah repeats the phrase: “She became pregnant and she gave birth”, and then gives a reason behind the name chosen for each child.
5762 This week we find Jacob (Yaakov) the ‘Patriarch of Judaism’ on his way to his Uncle, Lavan's house in order to find a wife and establish the Jewish people. But it wouldn't be easy.
5763 This week we learn about Jacob's famous dream; he saw a ladder reaching to the heavens and received a strange promise directly from G-d:
5764 This week's section opens as Jacob (Yaakov) was fleeing from his evil brother Asav who wanted to kill him for stealing their father's blessings for victory and success.
5765 This week's section begins with Jacob going to sleep. At first glance this is not very interesting. But Rashi, the foremost commentator of the Torah, tells us that, in fact, this was the FIRST TIME Jacob slept in fourteen years because he had been busy learning Torah!(28:11).
5766 This week's section tells the story of how Lavan; the arch-evil charlatan, duped the holy founder of Judaism, Yaakov into working non-stop for twenty years. Interestingly the Torah tells us that instead being punished for this crime, Lavan is left in peace while Yaakov after wasting twenty years of his life has to settle for a mere fraction of his due.
5767 In this week's Torah portion we read another chapter in the birth of Judaism; Yaakov, the third and 'choice' of the 'fathers' runs for his life from his brother Aisav only to fall into the clutches of the arch-anti-Semitic criminal, Lavan, who severely tricks him into working twenty years. This is completely not understood.
5768 This week's Torah portion opens as Jacob sees angels rising and descending a ladder and it ends (32:2) as more angels come to greet him as he returns. Rashi explains that the first angels were 'Israeli' angels 'rising' away from him as he left the Holy Land and second were 'foreign' angels descending to replace them and the third were seemingly different 'Israeli' angels greeting him upon his return home.
5769 This week's Torah portion tells us how Jacob, the last of the three founders of Judaism, was tricked repeatedly by his father-in-law Lavan into marrying a woman he didn't want and working over ten years without pay. This is definitely not so clear.
5770 This week's Torah portion tell story of how Yaakov the third and final Forefather of Judaism, suffered terrible hardships in order to establish his family and bear twelve sons that would evolve into the twelve tribes of Israel.
5772 This week we learn of how Yaakov (Jacob), the founder of the Jewish people, was tricked, time after time, by his father-in-law into working 20 long and difficult years for something that should have taken much less time.
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