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Parshat Mikeitz

5760 Torah means 'teaching', it is also called Torat Chayim 'the teaching of life'. Let us understand the life lesson to be learned from this weeks Torah reading.
5761 This week’s section opens with a testimony to the frailness of man; the most powerful man in the world; the King of Egypt, who controls all, is controlled by … a dream. And to the uncertainty of fortune; suddenly a criminal, a detested Jew to boot, serving time for rape, offers a wild interpretation of the dream involving massive government expenditures.... the King swallows it and on the spot promotes him to ruler of the country!!
5762 This week's section, Mikeitz, (which means ‘the end’) is always read in the days of Chanukah.
5763 This week's section tells how Josef; a lone Jew with no friends or connections and through no political maneuvering became the ruler of the entire world! At first glance this is not understood. The Jews are G-d's people, have His promise to be a wise and intelligent nation and to be as many as the sand on the sea and stars in the sky.
5764 This week's section deals with the release of Yosef from prison to become ruler of Egypt. Interestingly, Yosef's life story is connected to eerie dreams. First his own in the beginning of last week's section, then the enigmatic dreams of the two imprisoned ministers and, finally the disturbing dreams of Pharaoh himself. And in each case only Yosef was able to interpret them properly.
5765 This week's section always coincides with the holiday of Chanukah. 'Mikaitz' means 'At the end' and refers to the end of Joseph's imprisonment. But it also hints at Moshiach and the raising of the dead.
5766 This week's section tells the almost unbelievable story of how an unknown Jew, a convicted criminal, despised and rejected by even his own brothers, is suddenly catapulted from life imprisonment in an Egyptian jail to become ruler of Egypt and then of the entire world by interpreting a few dreams!
5767 This week's Torah portion falls on the last day of Chanukah and tells of the rise of Yosef from an obscure prison to ultimate power in just moments because of dreams: especially those of Pharaoh.
5768 The life of Josef, the favorite son of the Patriarch Jacob, was dominated by dreams: First his own regarding his brothers (37:5-9), then those from Pharaoh's two imprisoned ministers (40:8-19) and finally the dreams of Pharaoh himself that begin this week's Torah reading.
5769 This week's Torah section tells the story of a truly unfortunate Jew by the name of Josef who became the ruler of Egypt, and eventually the entire world, because he knew how to interpret dreams.
5770 This week we read the miraculous story of how a Jew called Yosef, despised by even his brothers, rose from total obscurity in an Egyptian prison, to become virtual king of the world! IN ONE DAY!
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