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Parshat Bo

5760 This parsha is probably is the most important single section in the Torah because it is about the actual going out of Egypt.
5761 This week’s section describes the last moments of the Jews in Mitzriam (Egypt) before their birth as a nation. Just before attaining freedom G-d commanded them (through Moshe) to do a very strange thing, everyone had to eat a roasted lamb (Koban Pesach). This was to become the first Jewish holiday, Pesach …. Jewish Independence day.
5762 This week's Torah portion tells us of the plague of darkness; a terrible pall of pitch-blackness that kept all of Egypt paralyzed for almost a week.
5763 This week we read about the last preparations of the Jews before leaving Egypt. Rashi explains (12:6) that G-d told the Jews to: 1) Sacrifice a lamb or goat 2) Put the blood on the inside of their doorposts and 3) Circumcise themselves (most were uncircumcised because of the constant slavery).
5764 This week's section features the last three plagues and the final departure of the Jews from Egypt. But it was really only the BEGINNING of leaving Egypt.
5765 This week we read another episode in the miraculous destruction of Egypt and the freeing of the Jews by the G-d of Israel. This strange story is the basis of Judaism. It constantly comes up in our prayers, especially in those of the holidays and Sabbath, and is the very first of the Ten Commandments: "I am G-d that took you from Egypt".
5766 This week's section tells of the last three plagues and the Exodus of the entire Jewish nation from Egyptian slavery. Strangely, the Jews prepared for this monumental event in a seemingly very inappropriate way:
5767 This week begins with G-d mysteriously telling Moshe to 'come' with Him to Pharaoh. The mystical book the Zohar explains that Pharaoh was the source of all evil in the world and had such a frighteningly high and powerful source that Moses was afraid to approach him without G-d's personal escort.
5768 This week we read of how, just before He took the Jews from Egypt, G-d told Moses to order the Jews to circumcise themselves, sacrifice a lamb (or a goat), put the blood of the sacrifice on the insides of their doorposts, then roast the meat and finally eat it.
5769 This week's Torah portion contains 20 commandments and one of them is offering the Paschal Lamb. Before the Jews left Egypt, every household had to sacrifice a lamb or goat and eat its meat before midnight. Only then were they able to leave. This commandment was done every Passover till the destruction of the second Temple some 2,000 years ago and will be renewed when Moshiach builds the Third Temple.
5770 This week we read of the last three of the ten Plagues with which G-d smote Egypt; locusts, darkness and death of the firstborn. This last plague was very different from the rest; in this plague the Jews had to put a sign (blood from the Paschal lamb and from their circumcisions) on the inside of their doors so G-d would "Pass over" their houses.
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