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Parshat Beshalach

5760 This week’s Torah portion relates the story of the splitting of the sea. Joke: Once a little boy handed in a blank piece of paper for his art project and explains it to his art teacher: "It's called "Crossing the Red Sea"! " But it's Blank!!! There is nothing there!!!" the incredulous teacher exclaimed. "Well" explained the child "The Sea split, the Jews already crossed, and the Egyptians haven't yet arrived! So it’s blank!"
5761 This week we read about the spectacular escape of the Jews from Egypt through the ‘Yam Suf’ ‘the Reed’ Sea (A.K.A. Red Sea) in preparation for receiving the Torah at Sinai and entering Israel.
5762 This week's section tells us of how the Jews completed the exodus from Egypt by crossing the "Yam Suf" (Red Sea) that split for them and then drowned the entire Egyptian army.
5763 This week's section tells of the glorious crossing of the entire Jewish nation through the 'Red' Sea. But it opens on a strangely sour note: When G-d led the Jews out of Egypt He took them a roundabout way because He feared they would return to Egypt! In other words, after G-d surrounded them with wondrous protecting 'clouds of glory' and decimated their enemies with ten miraculous plagues the Jews still had doubts!
5764 This week's section begins with the splitting of the 'Red' Sea and finishes with: "He (G-d) said, my hand is raised (in an oath) on the Throne of YH, an eternal war of G-d against Amalek!" (17:16)
5765 This week we once again read about the splitting of the Reed Sea. One of the basic tenants of Judaism is "The Enlivening of the Dead". Namely that some time after the arrival of Moshiach all the dead will return to life in physical bodies.
5766 This week's section contains the song that the Jews sang after crossing the sea. And the song is preceded by the sentence; "Then will sing Moses and the Jewish people this song to G-d" (15:1) At first glance this is not understood.
5767 In this week's Torah portion we read of the last stage of the Exodus; the splitting of the sea followed by the monumental song of praise and thanks to G-d that the Jews sang afterward (15:1-19). Interestingly this song is introduced by one of the clearest promises in the Torah that the dead will raise: "Then will sing Moses and the Jewish people this song:" (15:1 See Rashi).
5768 This week we learn about two awesome battles. The first and most famous was G-d versus the Egyptians at Yam Suf (Reed Sea). And the second, found at the end of this week's Torah portion, was between the Jews and Amelek.
5769 In this Torah portion we read about the splitting of the Reed ('red') Sea. Never in history was or would there be anything like it; an entire nation of several million people escaped from the most powerful army in the world by walking on dry land in the middle of a sea! And then, as soon as they got to the other side the water miraculously caved in and drowned their pursuers!
5770 This week we read how the Jews miraculously crossed the sea and sang an epic song of thanks to G-d. Then, shortly thereafter the Manna (called MAhN) which fed them for 40 years in the desert, began to fall.
5771 In this week’s Torah reading we find the inspiring story of the Splitting of the Yam Suf (literally the Reed (not Red) Sea) and the salvation of the entire Jewish nation.
5772 This week we read of how the Jews actually leftEgypt; undoubtedly, the greatest historical event in history. Some 3 million abject slaves left, in broad daylight the most powerful (and spiritual) nation of all time. And as a grand finale' G-d split the sea for them, drowned the entire Egyptian army in it and the Jews sang in unison an epic song of thanks.
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