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Parshat Terumah

5760 This week's Torah section speaks of the building of the Tabernacle (Mishkan). This portable 'Bait HaMikdosh' would accompany the Jews in the desert for forty years, and was the forerunner of all the Mishkans (Nob, Shiloh etc) and Mikdoshes, (especially and most importantly the third Bait HaMikdosh), for the next three thousand-plus years. The materials needed to build this Mishkan were donated by the Jewish people and hence the commandment to Moshe in the beginning of our section:
5761 This week’s Torah reading tells us about Mission Impossible; G-d commanded the Jews to build a house, a 'Mikdash,' for G-d himself to live in.
5762 This week we learn that there is a commandment to build a "Mikdash"; a holy house for G-d. It begins here as the "Mishkan" (Tabernacle); a portable structure of wood and curtains in the desert. But its real goal was to be (480 years later) a permanent "Holy Temple" in Jerusalem.
5763 This week's section tells us about how the Jews in the desert donated the components for the building of the Tabernacle; altogether 15 different materials.
5764 This week's section is the first read in the month of Adar (the happiest month of the year) and speaks of the building of the Mikdash, the prototype of the Holy Temple. There are many other religions with their various Bibles and temples but none of them have anything like this.
5765 This week's section tells us about building the Tabernacle; the House of G-d. The G-d of Israel is infinite and unlimited. He creates all being, physical as well as spiritual, constantly; (He's creating you and everything around you right now) He permeates all existence and there is nothing but Him (Ain Od Milvado). That is what it means G-d is ONE.
5766 This week's section tells us about the Tabernacle that the Jews built in the desert after receiving the Torah. The purpose of this Tabernacle was to enable the Jews to serve G-d properly and completely.
5767 This week we read, in great detail, about the materials and measurements of the 'Mishkan' (Tabernacle); the prototype of the Holy Temple. Judaism is totally unlike all the other religions. Besides being the only one that even claims to have received their 'Bible' in public and directly from the Creator of the Universe, it is the only one that doesn't stress heaven and spiritual bliss. The goal of Judaism is …. a physical building!! And from that building, called The Third Holy Temple, the entire physical world will become holy!
5768 This week's Torah portion describes in detail how the Moses took donations ('Truma') from the Jews to build a 'Mikdash' (Tabernacle): a Holy Place where they could make sacrifices to and get instruction and inspiration directly from The Creator of the Universe.
5769 This week we begin the month of Adar; the "Month that transforms sadness to joy, mourning to festivity" (Esther 9:22). We also read this Shabbat the Torah portion 'Truma' which explains the building of the Holy Temple.
5771 This week we learn the commandment of building a ‘holy’ house (Mikdash) for G-d. This is one of the most important commands in The Book. Indeed it is the goal of Judaism and one of the first and most important jobs of Moshiach will be to build a Holy Temple in Jerusalem and gather all the Jews etc. (see Rambam Hil. Melachim 11:1) just as Moses did.
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