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Parshat Tetzaveh

5760 “And you (G-d is speaking to Moshe) command the Children of Israel and they should take to you pure olive oil…”
5761 This section is unique because it does not mention Moshe’s name even once. (But really it describes Moshe better than any Parsha, as we will see with HaShem's help.) One reason for this omission is that after the Jewish people sinned with the Aigel (Golden Calf) and G-d wanted to destroy them, Moshe told G-d that he’d rather have his own name omitted from the entire Torah than see the Jews punished (Shmot 32:32).
5762 This week's section begins with G-d telling Moses to command (Tetzave) the Jewish people to bring him (Moses) olive oil "crushed for illumination". This seemingly casual idea is really very potent.
5763 This week's Torah portion is devoted to G-d's instructions to Moses regarding the GARMENTS worn by the priests serving in the Tabernacle. Unlike last week's Torah portion which explained how the Tabernacle itself and its vessels were to be made.
5764 This Shabbat the Torah portion deals with the garments worn by the Kohanim (priests) in the Holy Temple and this coming week will be Purim, the holiday celebrating the salvation of the Jews from their enemies some 2,400 years ago.
5765 This week we learn about the priestly garments. Garments originated from the shame that Adam and his wife felt after the sin of the Tree of Knowledge (Genesis 3:9) when they brought death into the world.
5767 There is a very big connection between this week's Torah portion and the 'Megilah' (Book of Esther) that we read on the joyous holiday of Purim (which this year falls out immediately after this Shabbat). First of all, this week's Torah portion is the only book of the Pentateuch after Moses' birth that does not mention Moses' name.
5768 In this week's Torah portion are eight commandments all of them relating to the Holy Temple. Two of them are lighting the Menorah and burning the incense. Both were done once a day in the inner sanctum and both were replete with meaning and mystery.
5769 This week's Torah portion describes the garments used by the Priests (Cohanim) in the Temple and comes before the holiday of Purim. Therefore this Shabbat we read a special portion about destroying 'Amelek ' (Parshat Zachor') as a preparation for the holiday of Purim when the Jews foiled the plans of Haman; the representative of the anti-Semitic nation Amelek, some 2,500 years ago.
5770 In last week's Torah portion we read about G-d's commandments to Moses to make a Tabernacle in the desert and its various vessels; The Menora, Altar, Ark etc.
5771 This week's Torah portion discusses the garments worn by the Kohanim (Priests) when they served in the Holy Temple and ends with a description of the 'inner' 'golden' altar used for burning incense in the Temple. (Unlike the much larger 'outer' altar which was coated with brass and used for burning the animal sacrifices).
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