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Parshat Vayak'hel

5760 This week’s section is very strange because it is almost totally a repetition of Parshat ‘Truma’ (three chapters ago where the complicated Commandment of making the Tabernacle and all its details was explained.)
5763 This week we read the Torah section of VaYakhel which relates in detail how the Jews donated materials for the Tabernacle and how it was built. But it is also called 'Sh'kalim' because of the special 'Maftir' read this week telling us how every Jew gave an equal Half-Shekel donation to the Tabernacle.
5765 This week's Torah reading deals with the complicated details of building the Tabernacle and its vessels. But it Moses introduces this by gathering (VaYakhel) the Jewish people and telling them about....Shabbat!
5768 This Shabbat is the last one this month, Adar Alef introducing and 'blessing' the next month; Adar Beis. And this week's Torah portion begins with the words "VaYakhel Moshe"; "Moses Gathered" (all the Jews). 'Torah' means 'teaching". The Torah is G-d's blueprint and instruction manual for every detail of His Creation and if interpreted properly it brings love, enthusiasm and joy in every detail of our lives.
5771 This week we read almost the exact same thing, word for word, that we read three weeks ago in "Parshat Truma" about the building of the Tabernacle in the desert! The only main difference is that in then we learned what G-d commanded the Jews to do and this week we read about how they ACTUALLY did it.
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