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Parshat Pekudei

5760 This parsha begins with a summery (Pikude) of the donations for the Tabernacle (Mishkan) in the desert, and it hints clearly at the two Holy Temples that were to be taken away temporarily (Mashkon, Pikadon) until the arrival of Moshiach. The word Pikad has two opposite meanings. One means to visit, to be present, and the other means to be missing, to be absent.
5763 This week we finish the book of Exodus which relates the miraculous birth of the Jewish people from physical and spiritual slavery.
5765 There is a general principle in the Torah that each chapter (and how much more so each book) tries to end on a positive note. But this weeks portion which is also the end of the entire book of Exodus seems to be an exception. It concludes with concealment.
5768 In this week's Torah portion we read how the Jews put the finishing details on the Tabernacle (Mishkan) that G-d commanded them to build in the desert. This edifice was of the utmost importance to Judaism: besides being the prototype for the ensuing three Holy Temples in which the Creator was revealed in the world (the last of which will be in the days of the Messiah) it is also the prototype for serving G-d; every Jew is enjoined to make him/herself into a Holy Temple.
5771 This week's Torah portion is the last of four dealing with the building of the Tabernacle reiterating the sum total of materials used and of the garments that the priests (Kohanim) wore.
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