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Parshat Vayak'hel-Pekudei

5761 This week’s section is very strange because it is an almost total repetition of sections, ‘Truma and T'tzave’ that we read a few weeks ago detailing the complicated Commandment of making the Tabernacle in all its details.)
5762 This week (in addition to being "ParshatHaChodesh") we read a double section telling about the actual building of the Tabernacle. The reading opens with a commandment about keeping the Sabbath.
5764 This week's section begins on a strange note. Moses gathers (VaYakhel) all the Jews together and tells them: "These are the things that G-d commands to do: Six days your work should be done and on the seventh day will be to you Holy, ShabbatShabatonto G-d"
5766 In this week's double portion the Torah relates how the vessels and priestly garments of the Tabernacle were actually made by the Jewish people and it is basically a repetition of what we read just two weeks ago in Parshat Truma-T'tzave when G-d told Moses what He wanted made. At first glance this is not understood.
5767 This week's double section has a stong connection to bringing Moshiach. First of all, it deals totally with the building of the Tabernacle, preparing us for the third Temple that Moshiach will build (Mimonedies Laws of Kings 11:1).
5769 This week we finish reading about the building of the Tabernacle in the desert. The Torah tells us that the Jews were so enthusiastic in donating the required materials that there was actually a surplus (36:7).
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