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Parshat Tazria

5760 Before we talk about this week's section here is a story which contains three of the ideas mentioned therein; good speech, bad speech and, bris mila.
5763 In this week's section we learn the commandment of circumcision (Brit Mila). "On the eighth day remove the flesh of the foreskin." This commandment is very strange. Why did G-d give Abraham the circumcision and then give it again hundreds of years later?
5765 This week's section deals mostly with the laws of Tzoraa't: a terrible, now extinct, skin disease caused particularly by the sin of 'loshon Ha'ra' (saying harmful things about others). But the name of this section seems to indicate something else: 'Tazria' means to 'give seed' and bear children!
5768 This Shabbat we read the Torah portion called 'Tazria' which deals mostly with the laws of Tzoraat (improperly translated leprosy); a Torah impurity disease caused by the sin of saying harmful things.
5771 This week’s Torah portion is called “Giving Seed” and begins with laws about giving birth but it deals mainly with the laws of a type of spiritual impurity ‘disease’ called ‘Tzoraat’ (loosely translated ‘leprosy’).
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