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Parshat Metzora

5760 This week's section continues and concludes the laws of the Torah impurity-disease 'Tzoraas' that we began reading about in last week's Torah portion "Tazria'.
5763 This week's section which deals in great detail with an obscure skin-disease' called Tzoraas seems to provide one of the best 'proofs' that the Torah is outdated; the disease hasn't been around for at least two thousand years!. But really the Torah is eternal and vitally relevant to every instant of our lives. And this section especially proves it.
5765 This week we read about how the 'Metzora' becomes purified. A Metzora is a Jew who has been afflicted by a terrible skin disease called Tzorat, caused by false egotism and Loshan Hara (speaking in a damaging way about people). He must live 'outside of the camp' away from all normal people, and everything and everyone he touches becomes 'impure'.
5768 This week's Torah portion contains the strange, extinct laws of "House Leprosy'. As we mentioned last week Tzoraat (loosely translated as 'leprosy'.) is a Torah disease caused by haughtiness and malicious talk whose ugly symptoms appear on the skin, the garments or even house of the offender!
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