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Parshat Acharei

5760 This week’s section tells us about the Holiest man in Israel, the Cohen Gadol (High Priest) on the holiest day of the year Yom HaKipurim (the day of ‘atonement’). The Jews are G-d’s chosen people, the Cohenim (Priests) are the chosen of the Jews, and the Cohen Gadol is the chosen, of the chosen, of the chosen!
5763 This week's section, Acharei Mot, falls after the holiday of Shevie Shel Pesach – the Seventh day of Pesach; the day that the Jews went through the Reed Sea. Both have something in common: death.
5765 Judaism is completely different from all the other religions. And it stems from the fact that the Jewish calendar has TWO 'New Year's': Tishre is the first of the DAYS and Nissan (six months later) is the first of the MONTHS!! The reason for this is explained in a Midrash (Shmot Raba 15:11) "When G-d wanted to create His world he did it in the month of Tishre but when He chose the month of redemption He chose (Nissan)".
5768 This Shabbat we read Acharei Mot; the section of the Torah that begins by spelling out the Yom Kippur service in the Holy Temple. And immediately after this Shabbat will be the holiday of Pesach (Passover)!
5771 This Shabbat we read the Torah portion "Achari Mot" which begins by describing the Temple Service on Yom Kippur (Forgiveness Day) and then gives a list of forbidden sexual unions.
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