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Parshat Kedoshim

5760 For several years The Lubavitch Rebbe used to stand for hours every Sundayand 'hand out dollars'. Thousands of people would stand in two lines; onefor men and one for women, and for five or six hours the Rebbe would giveadvice, blessings and encouragement to each person along with at least onedollar (to encourage others to give charity).
5763 In the beginning of this week's section G-d tells the Jews to be 'holy' and then explains Himself with tens of new commandments. Two of them are found in sentence 19:16; "Don't spread slander among your people, don't stand on your fellow man's blood (i.e. save a life if you can), I am G-d."
5765 This week's Torah section contains fifty one commandments. Three of them are from one sentence; "Don't take revenge, don't bear a grudge against your people and love your brother like yourself, I am G-d." (19:17)
5768 In this week's Torah portion we find perhaps the most important commandment in the Book: Love your neighbor as yourself (19:18). One of the holiest and wisest scholars of all time, Rabbi Akiva, said that this is the main principle of the Torah. And the holy book 'Tanya' written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi explains why (chapter 32).
5771 Three of the fifty one commandments found in this week's Torah section are found in one sentence: They are: "Don't take revenge, don't bear a grudge against your people and love your friend like yourself, I am G-d." (19:17)
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