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Parshat Behar

5760 There was once a young Chassid in Russia called Boruch Zalmanovitch who received a draft notice into the Russian army. When his mother saw it, she began crying, and his father burst into tears as well.
5763 This week's section begins with a complicated commandment relevant only on the land of Israel; 'Shmita'. It means not working the land or harvesting its produce for a full year once every seven years.
5765 This week's section begins with the law of Shmita and is followed by the law of Yovel. Shmita means that every seventh year is holy, the land is given a rest and all farming ceases. Yovel means that every fiftieth year (after seven Shmitas) is even more holy; all slaves are released, all land returns to its original owners all farming again ceases and more.
5768 This week's Torah portion contains 14 commandments and one of them is the prohibition of taking (or giving) interest on a loan. (25:36,37) In fact this sin is so severe that the Torah follows it with the words; "I am G-d that took you from Egypt to be your G-d" to tell you that anyone who takes interest denies that G-d took the Jews from Egypt!
5771 This week’s Torah portion contains 24 commandments. One of them is not to hurt and cheat people in business another is not to hurt or belittle people by speaking.
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