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Parshat Bechukotai

5760 The Baal Shem Tov once was sitting with his pupils at the Shabbat afternoon meal when suddenly he closed his eyes, as though he was listening to some inner voice, and began to smile. His face became flushed with joy and he suddenly opened his eyes, pushed back his chair, rose to his feet and began to sing and dance ecstatically, spinning around and lifting his his arms and legs like a young boy.
5763 This week's section contains forty nine curses that will befall the Jews if they abandon the Torah. The word 'Torah' means 'Teaching'. What is the Torah trying to teach us with all this gory detail? Why 49 curses? Why not just write 'If you don't keep my Torah you'll get cursed?
5765 This week's section begins with G-d telling the Jews that "If you walk in My 'statutes' (Chukim), I will give you rain in the proper time etc." At first glance this is hard to understand. First of all, the usual term for G-d's ways is 'Mitzvot'. Why are they called 'Chukim' here?
5768 This week's Torah portion features 49 terrible curses awaiting the Jews if they don't observe G-d's Torah. But strangely the name of this portion, 'Bechukotai' indicates total connection to G-d's Torah.
5771 This week’s Torah portion contains 49 ‘curses’ that G-d threatens the Jewish people with if they transgress the Torah.
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