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Parshat Shlach

5760 Once there was a poor man named Avraham. He, and his wife and six children lived a meager life in a small wooden hut at the end of the road. Often there was no more than bread and tea to eat, but there was always room at his table and in his heart for guests.
5761 This week we learn the about the tragically aborted mission of the M’raglim (the 12 scouts). They were sent by Moshe to spy out the land of Canaan in order to conquer it. But when they returned, only two remained loyal to their task.
5762 This week our Torah portion deals with the shameful story of the 'spies'. For over two hundred years the Jews had suffered in Egyptian slavery with only one hope in their hearts; to be free and inhabit the Land that G-d promised to their forefathers.
5763 This week's we again read the bizarre story of the M'raglim (spies); holy pioneers empowered by Moses and G-d Almighty to manifest the very goal of creation and pave the way for the Jews into the Promised Land… who inexplicably failed in their task. But maybe it wasn't so inexplicable.
5764 There are six hundred and thirteen commandments in the Torah. Our section this week ends with the commandment of TZI'TZIS: Tzizis are specially-made, usually woolen strings that, if a male adult Jew decides to wear a garment that has four corners, must be tied on each corner of the garment.
5765 This week we read about how the Jews refused to enter the land of Israel and G-d got so angry that He almost destroyed them all. This is not understood.
5766 This week we read of the first, major, head-on conflict between Moses and the Jewish people: Moses told them to enter Israel and they all refused. Does this make sense? How could all the Jews oppose G-d and His servant Moses after all the powerful miracles they had seen? Did the Jews really think that G-d couldn't help them conquer the Holy Land that He had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
5767 This week we read about strange and tragic battle of Moses versus the Jews. The Jews were all about to enter the Promised Land and finally conquer the inheritance that G-d promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
5768 This week we read the embarrassing story of how the Jews wandered in the desert for forty years and were miraculously provided for by G-d; Embarrassing because it was a punishment for their refusal to enter Israel.
5769 This week's Torah portion contains three commandments the last of which is 'Don't follow your eyes and heart." There are, all together, 613 commandments in the Torah. Some are only applicable to men, some only when there was a Holy Temple, others are only in special times; day, night, holidays etc. But this commandment of 'Don't follow your heart and eyes" is one of the few (six) that apply to every Jew, in every place and at all times.
5770 This week's Torah portion contains three commandments: and one of them is "Not to stray after your heart or eyes".
5771 This week we read the strange and sad story of one of the biggest failures in history: the aborted exodus from Egypt.
5772 This week we again read the strange and disappointing story of the ‘Meraglim’; the scouts that Moses sent out to prepare the Jews for their monumental and long-awaited entrance into the Promised Land.
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