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Parshat Korach

5760 This week’s section speaks about the war that Korach made on Moshe and Ahron. The Talmud tells us that Korach, besides being blessed with “Ruach HaKodesh” (Divine inspiration) and prophesy, was wise, wealthy, and clever.
5761 This week's section describes the near dethroning of Moshe by a clever and charismatic Jew called Korach. Rashi (16:19) explains that Korach convinced the ENTIRE Jewish nation to join him in his battle against Moshe.
5762 This week we read the shocking story of how a clever Jew by the name of Korach actually convinced all the Jews to rebel against Moses and Aaron, lost the battle and brought shame and tragedy on the Jewish people.
5763 This week we read of the twenty four gifts that G-d allocated to the Kohanim (priests): the first born animals, the first fruits, the 'show' bread, tithes of produce, first shearings, redemption money of first born sons, portions of many sacrifices and more. Rashi tells us (our portion 18:8) that these gifts are listed here because our weekly portion tells the story of how an evil genius named Korach almost succeeded in usurping Aaron and taking the Priesthood into his own hands.
5764 In this week's section tells of how a talented rabble-rouser called Korach succeeded in inciting the entire Jewish nation against Moses declaring; "Why do you (Moses) raise yourself over the congregation of G-d!" (16:3)
5765 This week the Torah teaches us the frightening story of how one charismatic Jew named Korach rallied and united the ENTIRE Jewish people (see Rashi 16:19) against Moses.
5766 This week's section holds the ultimate lesson in self-improvement: Unless you are Moses, you can never really be sure of yourself. Throughout history there have been myriads of inspired trailblazers, geniuses, dictators, philosophers, holy men, etc. who convinced millions, even billions, they were right . . . but were totally wrong.
5767 He was fantastically rich, wise, charismatic, powerful, successful in all fields and even had the power of prophesy. In fact he was one of the few Jews in history that succeeded in uniting the ENTIRE Jewish nation. He convinced them all to oppose ….Moses! He used all his abilities for evil. (See Avot 5:17)
5768 This week we again confront the hard-to-believe-that-anyone-could-be-so-stupid story of Korach's almost successful rebellion against Moses. Talk about ingratitude! After Moshe led the entire Jewish nation out of degradation and slavery, loaded them with the riches of Egypt, split for them the sea, saved them from the pursuing Egyptian army, provided Manna for them to eat, water to drink, clouds to protect and guide them, guided them through the desert, brought them Torah from Mt. Sinai and even saved them from annihilation after the Golden Calf …. they wanted to dump him for a virtual nobody called 'Korach'!!
5769 This week we learn the terrible, tragic and seemingly meaningless story of Korach's war against Moses. The word 'Torah' means 'teaching'. Every idea and even word and letter of the Torah comes to teach us something important in life. What does this weird story come to teach us?
5771 This week we read a story that should not have been told. It is about an evil man called Korachwho turned the entire Jewish nation against Moses and Aaron and almost succeeded in ending Jewish history (G-d forbid).
5773 This week we read the strange story of Korach and his war against Moses and Aaron.
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