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Parshat Chukat

5760 This week’s section speaks about the Commandment of the Red Cow. In the Torah there are three general types of Commandments: Those that make sense even to non-religious people such as: ‘Don’t kill, Don’t steal’ etc.”.
5761 This week’s section discusses "Chukat HaTorah" The ENIGMA of the Torah…… the most mysterious of all commandments; The Red Cow.
5764 This week's Torah portion contains one of the best known Bible stories: How Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to it and got punished by not being able to enter Israel.
5765 This week's section begins with the commandment of slaughtering and burning the 'Red Cow' whose ashes are used to 'purify' one who has been 'defiled' by a corpse. And immediately afterward it tells us of the death of Miriam, Moses' sister.
5766 In this week's action-packed Torah portion, we learn a frightening story (21:5-9): The Jews complained about G-d and Moses; they wanted better miracles. G-d got angry and sent poisonous serpents; each bite was sure death and many died. Moses prayed for mercy and G-d told him to make a bronze snake and raise it high on a pole (today's symbol of the medical profession) for all those bitten to look at and live. And it worked.
5767 This week's Torah portion begins with the complicated and completely illogical laws of the Red Cow. The Torah and The commandments have been copied by many religions, but no religion has anything like the Red Cow.
5768 One of the main themes in this week's Torah reading is 'correcting death'. It begins with the ashes of the Red Cow correcting the impurity of death, followed by Moses correcting the deaths of Miriam and Aaron (When they died the water-from-the-rock and the clouds of glory that sustained and protected the Jews ceased. But they returned in the merit of Moses (Talmud Taanit 9a)) and how the Brass Serpent stopped a fatal plague (Num. 21:9).
5769 This week's section contains many stories about escaping death. It begins with the ashes of the Red Cow to cleanse the defilement of death. Then it relates how the Jews were miraculously saved from death when their source of water (from the rock that followed them in the desert) and protection (by the "Clouds of Glory" that surrounded them) were temporarily removed. Then they were wondrously rescued from deadly serpents, from attacks by the Amalikites, the Edomites and more.
5770 This Shabbat we read about many interesting things; the unfathomable Red Cow commandment, the cessation of the water from the rock and of the protective clouds of glory caused by the deaths of Miram and Aaron… and more.
5771 This week’s Torah portion is one of the mostactionpacked in the Five Books of Moses.
5772 Near the end of this week's portion, Chukat, we read the strange story of the brass serpent. When the Jews complained about the bland taste of Manna, G-d first sent serpents to kill them and then told Moses to make a statue of a serpent and raise it on a pole in order that anyone who looked at it would live.
5773 This week’s Torah portion relates the deaths of Aaron and Miriam; Moses’ brother and sister; and the consequential departures of the protective ‘Clouds of Glory’ and Water from the Rock which the Talmud (Taanit 9a) tells us were in their merits.
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