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Parshat Balak

5760 The word Torah means ‘teaching’. The Torah is not just a history book or an interesting piece of folk literature; rather every idea, word and even letter therein comes to teach us something. If so, what is the Torah trying to teach us by naming an entire chapter after an evil anti-Semite?
5761 This week’s section stars one of the biggest anti-Semites of all time; Bilam. Interestingly enough, he makes the clearest prophesies regarding Moshiach in the entire Torah.
5764 Interestingly, the clearest information in Torah about the Moshiach is found in the prophesies of Bilam; the arch-evil 'star' of this week's Torah portion.
5765 In this week's section the curses of Bilam are transformed to blessings and we see the clearest prophesies regarding Moshiach. Even the Ramba'm, Rabbi Moses ben Mimon or as he is popularly know 'Maimonides' quotes from here when he concisely states the Torah's definition of Moshiach.
5766 This week we see what happens when someone tries to curse the Jews; their curses turn into blessings. Here we read how Bilaam, the greatest curser of all times, ended up making the greatest blessing possible: the coming of Moshiach. In fact, the clearest prophecies regarding Moshiach come from Bilaam's evil mouth.
5767 This week's reading stars two of the most negative people in history: Balak the evil King of Moav and Bilam the master sorcerer who knew how to curse at the exact moment that G-d was angry. Both were arch anti-Semites (Bilam was worse) who concentrated all their forces here on destroying the Jews.
5768 This week's Torah portion is perhaps the strangest in the book. It tells of how one of the most insidious, monsters of all time almost succeeded in cursing and destroying the Jewish people but instead uttered the most powerful blessings and prophesies regarding the Messiah ever.
5770 This week's Torah portion tells the story of an arch sorcerer named Bilam, who was hired by a king called Balak to curse and destroy the Jews as they were wandering in the desert. Bilam's curses were known to always work, but when tried them on the Jews for some reason they transformed to the greatest blessings possible.
5771 This week’s Torah portion stars two evil anti-Semites; the king ofMoav,Balak and the Midionitemaster of curses, Bilam who, despite their hatred for each other were willing to unite in order to destroy the Jews (a la the U.N. today).
5772 This week’s Torah portion tells an amazing story of ultimate Anti-Semitic curses transformed to blessings. Balak the king of Moav hires Bilam, the infallible sorcerer from Midyan to curse the Jews but instead he prophesized the ultimate blessing: the arrival of the true Jewish Messiah when the world will be filled with meaning, peace and blessing.
5773 This week we learn the story of how the worst curses possible transformed into the greatest blessing possible. The curses came from the arch-anti-Semite Bilam whose curses ALWAYS worked (his spiritual prowess equalled that of Moses!) and they were to destroy the Jewish people and throw the world into immorality.
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