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5761 About two hundred years ago in a certain village in Poland there lived a Rebbe with several hundred Chassidim that was very careful in the Mitzva of Succa. The Succa he had built for himself every year was a sight to see The walls were of the thickest and best wood and were decorated with the most expensive ornaments. Even the greenery that he used for S’chach was thick and fresh.
5762 Everyone in the town of Braditchev was worried; it was just 12 hours before the holiday of Succos, and they still had no Esrog (A citrus fruit used in one of the Commandments of the holiday). The entire town gathered in the large Shul (Synagogue) to read Psalms, with the hope that G-d would have mercy on them, and send them a miracle.
5763 This holiday is named after the commandment of living (or at least eating and sleeping) in a 'Succa' (a hut with only branches and leaves for a roof) for seven days beginning the fifteenth of ‘Tishre’. Like all the Jewish holidays and commandments, Succot and the Succa are connections within the creation (time and space) to the infinite Creator.
5764 The holiday of Succot is the only holiday in Judaism that doesn't celebrate a particular historical date. Even Rosh HaShanna and Yom Kippur commemorate the dates Adam was created and when the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies.
5766 This Shabbat is the happiest of the year. It is the one that prepares us for Succot "The Holiday of our Joy". Not only that, but this week's portion is the 'song' of Haazinu designed to inspire Jews in all generations to serve G-d.
5767 This Shabbat we will be celebrating the seven day holiday of Succot; "The Time of Our Joy."
5768 Succot, is the happiest holiday of the year. In our prayers we call it "Our Time of Joy."
5769 This week's Torah portion ' Ha'Azinu' is a song from G-d to encourage the Jews to be the holy, constructive nation they were meant to be and not the selfish egotists they want to be. It precedes and prepares us for the 'Festival of Joy'; the holiday of ' Succot' (Tabernacles).
5770 The holiday of Succot is perhaps the most connected to Moshiach of all the Jewish holidays. The Haftorah read on that day (Zacharia chapt. 14) links them strongly; "And it will be on that day (Moshiach will cause) that G-d will be one and His name one....And all the remaining nations that come to Jerusalem to bow to G-d and celebrate the Holiday of Succot....This will be the sin (and punishment) of....all the nations that do not come to celebrate the holiday of Succot"
5771 This week will be the holiday of Succot: the Festival of Joy! It is actually a commandment to be happy on this holiday, but it isn’t easy when the ‘real’ world confronts you. When problems of livelihood, debts, health, family, enemies etc surround us the last reaction we have is Joy! And the Jews have had more of their shares of all these. In fact the Mishna tells us that “We are forced to be born and forced to stay alive (by G-d!).” (Avot 4:22). Life is often a very difficult and trying business.
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