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Simchat Torah

5761 The grand finale of the holiday of Succot is Simchat Torah lit. the Happiness of the Torah. Two questions arise from this: 1) Why don't we make the rejoicing immediately after the holiday of Shavous (which is the Holiday celebrating the receiving of the Torah). 2) What is there to be happy about?
5763 In just a few days we will celebrate Simchat (rejoicing with) Torah. Jews all over the world will be taking all the Torah Scrolls out of the synagogue arks and joyously dancing with them the entire night and most of the next day. There are two known questions about this holiday.
5764 Every Simchat Torah we dance with the Torah and read the 'Zot HaBracha' (the last Shabbat reading in the Torah) in the daytime Synagogue prayer.
5765 In the Medrash it says that the reason G-d made Shmini Atzeret was because it was 'difficult' for Him to separate from the Jews after the Seven days of Succot. This seems strange. G-d is infinite, creates and fills all being. How can something be 'difficult' for Him? And how can He be separate?
5767 This holiday is the culmination and grand finale of the Joy of Succot. Simchat Torah means 'the Joy of the Torah'. But at first glance this doesn't seem to make sense.
5769 The question is asked by Rabbis; why do we make the Simchat Torah, literally the Holiday of Rejoicing with the Torah, at the end of Succot. Why don't we make it immediately after Shavuot when we commemorate G-d giving us the Torah?
5770 On Simchat Torah we finish the reading of the Torah and begin it anew. The Jews have been reading the Torah in public at least once every week since it was given over 3,300 years ago (thereby making it impossible to change or get lost, G-d forbid, as some religions claim) and when we finish a cycle it is a good reason for rejoicing.
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