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Approximately every other week there is an “out-Shabbos” during which students can visit family and friends in other parts of Israel . Depending on the week, students are expected to return either on motz'ei Shabbos (Saturday evening) or Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock . Students will be informed in advance. Those requiring assistance in finding hosts for Shabbos should inform the Student Director.

During those weeks where students are expected to remain in the Yeshiva, there is a basic (though not rigid) schedule. There is a morning Chassidus class, followed by prayers and a group Shabbos meal and Farbrengen . After Mincha there is a seder nigunim , during which students learn Chabad melodies.

Dormitory Facilities

Ohr Tmimim's dormitory is near to the classrooms/study hall. Storage space, shelving and desks are provided in each room. The Yeshiva can provide bedding as well, although most students prefer to bring their own. A laundry area is available to students at low cost and dry cleaning is within easy walking distance.

Dormitory Guidelines

Rooms should be locked when they are empty.

Valuables, such as large amounts of cash, should not be left in the dorms, but rather deposited in a safe deposit box in the post office.

Students should not invite strangers into their rooms or the dorm area.

Upon arrival, keys will be given to students for their individual rooms. A 50 NIS deposit is required, refundable upon return of the keys at the end of the semester.

Students are expected to keep their room in order.

At times when others may be sleeping excessive noise should be avoided.


Students receive three meals a day in our dining hall.

There is a refrigerator where students can keep food that they buy themselves

There are grocery and convenience stores, a pizza shop, and a meat restaurant within easy walking distance.


There are two public phones accessible to all students. Overseas calls can be made from these using prepaid calling cards or similar.

For urgent messages, students can be contacted through the Yeshiva office at 972-3-960-6583. This is for emergencies only.

Students can rent cell phones at low rates from a number of national cellular providers.

Students may also receive faxes through the office at 972-3-960-3142


The Yeshiva has a post office box, checked regularly, to which the students may receive mail. Mail should be addressed in the following manner:

Student's name c/o
Yeshiva Ohr Tmimim
P.O. Box 23
Kfar Chabad
ISRAEL 72915

Medical Insurance

Each student must have health insurance to attend Ohr Tmimim. Students can use either travel insurance or can sign up for local insurance through Shiloah Insurance Company. A form can be faxed ahead of time or can be filled out upon arrival. Students will not be admitted to classes without medical insurance.

In the event of an injury where the student does not have insurance, the Yeshiva will not be held liable.

General Security

Students choosing to travel independently are urged to do so in groups and to inform the Student Coordinator of their plans.

Hitchhiking, whether in a group or alone, is strongly discouraged.

Transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to Kfar Chabad

The best way to get to Kfar Chabad from the airport is a private taxi. This will cost approximately US$15 (65 to 85 NIS , depending on time of day and luggage) and take about 15 minutes.

All students, regardless of age or background, are expected to attend all classes and events

Chabad “out-reach” activities (known as “mivtzoim” – including the Tefillin campaign) are conducted every Friday morning. Ohr Tmimim students are encouraged to participate, although they are not required to do so

Special events, Chassidic gatherings (“Farbrengens” – every Thursday and on festive occasions) occur regularly throughout the Yeshiva semester . Guest speakers, Shabbatons , and other events also take place on a regular basis

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